About BioMed ENT

About us

BioMed ENT develops, manufactures and distributes biomaterials for customized medical solutions. BioMed ensures innovation and promotes product performance in the field of otolaryngology to be your trusted partner. We work closely together with universities and hospitals in the US, Europe and Middle East.

The company has been founded by experienced people in the field of biomaterials and otolaryngology. New partners are joining every day and this strengthens our capabilities by bringing the best solutions for surgical procedures.

Management team

BioMed ENT has been founded by experts in the field of biomaterials, biologics and otolaryngology. The company is strongly linked to research and healthcare institutions in the US and Europe which enable us to develop our knowledge and offer the most innovative solutions.

The management is supported by and advisory board. Clinical and scientific advisors advice and support the board of directors.

Tonny Voermans

Chief Executive Officer

Tonny founded the company in 2018 and has led the company since its inception. From his early twenties he has gained experience in the field of biologics which offered the opportunity to set up the company. He was responsible for the fast growth of a Dutch medical device company where he realized double digit growth. He initiated and expanded various partnerships in the US and abroad. He was responsible for the JOINt foundation which was a network of hospitals, research institutions and top development companies where he initiated large research projects and cooperations with various international medical device companies. . Tonny holds a M.S. in Business Administration.

Rens van de Goor

Chief Medical Officer

Rens is the co-founder of BioMed ENT. During his residency he was involved in testing a new device for the diagnosis of tumors in the head and neck. This triggered him to contribute more to the field of otolaryngology by developing better solutions for surgeries. Rens works as clinical instructor and surgeon at the Zuyderland Hospital which is one of the largest otolaryngology departments of the Netherlands. His specialties are rhinology and pediatric surgery. Rens holds a M.S. in Medicine of the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.