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BioMed ENT develops, manufactures and distributes biomaterials for customized medical solutions. These natural materials are well known in the medical application and have numerous advantages such as being highly biocompatible and biodegradable. BioMed has an experienced Research and Development team which works closely with universities and hospitals all over the world. These partnerships ensure that we are on top of the most recent developments and provide the best support. BioMed ensures innovation and promotes product performance in the field of otolaryngology to be your trusted partner.

Product Pipeline

BioMed is expanding its portfolio by offering innovative solutions for otolaryngology. We have the expertise and know-how to develop state-of-the-art products suitable for surgery with superior characteristics. The extension of our portfolio is built on the trust we share with our users and we want to keep proving this. We are currently developing the following products:

Anti-adhesive gel for FESS

In Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) it is crucial to prevent the formation of scar tissue. With BioMed’s expertise in biopolymers and regenerative characteristics, we are developing a biodegradable hydrogel for this indication. An easy to inject gel which reduces inflammatory response around the surgical site.

Slow release steroid hydrogel

An advanced hydrogel is developed by using the proprietary BioMed Core Technology. This enables us to create spherical particles which are loaded with a steroid. The advantage of the technology is that we use biopolymers which degrade and by tuning the degradation, the release profile is controlled.

Controlled release

Controlled release of active in biopolymer construct


BioMed ENT has knowledge of and experience with biopolymers and tuning their characteristics. The focus is on developing easy solutions for challenging issues in otolaryngology. By cooperating with universities and hospitals, BioMed further develops its own expertise and new know-how is created. We have developed and improved technologies which enable us to develop the most innovative portfolio. We keep on expanding our technology to offer you the best solutions we can.


BioMed Core Technology

BioMed ENT has developed a patented platform technology which enables us to manufacture uniform spherical submicron particles from various biopolymers. With this process we are able to control the formation of these particles to such an extent that we can tune characteristics of the biopolymers such as degradation, absorption and handling characteristics.


Source Material


BioMed Core Technology


Spherical Submicron Particles

Flow Chemistry

Due to BioMeds’ unique and proprietary technology, we are able to deliver a high monodisperse product. BioMed maintains a high internal quality standard for the particle size distribution of our colloidal suspensions. Moreover, the process does not display any significant batch-to-batch variations. This ensures the reproducibility of each product.


Schematic visualization of spherical biopolymer particle consisting of several individual polymer chains.

Flow chemistry is a continuous process which enables us to control the process on a high detail level on a commercial scale. We always delivers a product that meets a high quality standard.

Customized Solutions

BioMed ENT works with and for our partners. Our technology is interesting for a variety of applications and we make it available to partners which want to be innovative and use of our expertise.

Phased approach

When needed customized solutions, BioMed will divide your project into phases. Depended on the customers’ needs one or more phases can be applicable. In the first phase the feasibility of the product and project will be evaluate. When the project is found feasible, we will continue to the development phase. In this phase several test samples will be developed. The customer can evaluate and qualify these samples. Until the customer is satisfied the optimization will continue. When the specifications of the product are met on a R&D scale the process will be scaled up to a production process, which is phase 3. After the upscaling is finalized the manufacturing of the batch product can commence, phase 4.

Phase 1: Feasibility

In this first phase BioMed will assess if the desired product design is feasible. In initial discussions we will determine your needs. We will advise you which biopolymer can add value to you product range. Whether you know the exact specifications of the desired product or only know how you like the product to preform, BioMed can help. In consultation with our clients BioMed will determine the desired specifications of the end product and select the most suitable biopolymer. Our team is very capable of translating performance requests into technical specifications. We will determine the requirements and evaluate if these specifications can be met.

Phase 2: Research & Development

After the design of the product is determined our in-house R&D team will work on the development of small scale pilot samples. In this phase the customer will have to chance to evaluate the sample. The required analysis will be performed to support the sample with quantitative data. The material is optimized until the customer is satisfied with the end-product.

Phase 3: Upscaling

In phase 3, if needed, the translation from R&D scale to production scale will be made.

Phase 4: Manufacturing

BioMed has the capabilities to set up, implement and implement the manufacturing of the described functional biomaterials. We have access to a high tech manufacturing facility. Currently we are working towards obtaining ISO-13485 classification and a GMP classified facility.